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StrataEnviro Pvt Ltd was Incorporated in Year 2017 as a Environment Tech Company with its 1st Focus on Reducing Outdoor Air Pollution Levels and after doing substantial good work and gaining recognition and installations spread over 22 cities across 7 Countries realized that there is more to environment and is interlinked and related with rising air pollution levels. 

In Year 2023 StrataEnviro Pvt Limited also started its development and association with related technologies to address Water and Land Pollution and also increased its Installation Capacity for Handling Outdoor Air Pollution Levels.  

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As the Tax Planning Seasons is nearing, like Every Year our Organization in Association with Municipal Corporations, TOP NGO's and Social Foundations are having a range of projects where your organization can contribute and receive tax exemptions under sections 80G and also CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility Credits ) as you benefit public at large against ill effects of Rising Outdoor Air Pollution. 

Our Organization is teaming up with like Minded Individuals and Organizations in Capacity of Dealers & Distributors across the world and are offering exclusive and non exclusive territorial rights for business over at City, State & National Level. 

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