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Products Designed and Manufactured by us are categorized for at source emission control and Hotspot Based Air Pollution Reduction & Special Products

At Source Emission Control

Ash & Particulate Matter Emission Controllers for 

- Crematoriums

- Bakeries 

- Medical Waste Incinerators 

- Generic Waste Incinerators

- Jaggery Plants 

At Air Pollution Hot Spots

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Medium to Large Sized Towers Type Air Pollution Controllers with Filtration Capacities Ranging from 2000 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) to 30000 CFM for Installations at

- Traffic Signals 

- Road Dividers 

- Traffic Islands 

- Railway Stations

- Bus Stations 

- Airports ( Pickup and Drop Locations ) 

- Malls 

- Bus Stops

- Housing Societies 

- Metro Stations and more related hotspots 

Special Products

Customized Application Oriented Products for

- Textile Mills

- Diesel Generators

- Outdoor Smoking Zones

- Vehicle Mounted Units 

- Fuel Station

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