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6 Years & Now Expanding Horizon

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

StrataEnviro Pvt Ltd was Incorporated on 23rd June 2022. Since then the company and has progressed multifold to battle and combat outdoor air pollution levels. with Installations In govt segment & private premise via CSR, Direct purchases, leasing models, advertisement display operation models & more. The technology has also advanced from replaceable filters to self cleaning filters and also addressing viruses and Pathogens, It is on its path of continues improvement of technology. After pioneering in the field of reducing outdoor air pollution levels and progressing for last 6 Years. The company has decided to cater to a broader spectrum of services towards other environment sectors including but not limited to Water Pollution, Land Fill Pollution, Plastic Recycling, EV & EV Infrastructure, River Cleaning, Ocean Cleaning, Sea Beach Cleaning Equipment's, Recycling & Up Cycling Initiatives, Technology backed tree plantation, Waste Disposal Equipment's, Energy Saving & Energy Generation - Distribution & related initiatives for a better world for future generation. For these initiatives and offerings we are looking to associate with established companies and product manufacturers for a stronger impact with proven technology, products and initiatives and to spread them across the world.

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