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StrataEnviro @ Asia Innovates, Malaysia. ( Leaders in Innovation - 5 Year Mark )

Mr. Amol Chaphekar, Founder of StrataEnviro Selected as one of the Innovator from India was Invited to Malaysia. ASIA Innovates Symposium which Marked Completion of 5 Years of LIF ( Leaders in Innovation Fellowship ) Program along with Top Innovators and Scientists from Phillipines, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and UK.

Got a chance to Interact with some of the Leader in Innovation and Receive words of Wisdom and Appreciation for our Innovation from Mr. Richard Parker who Headed Research and Technology of Rolls Royce for more than 15 years.

Also got and opportunity to be on Panel with Chief Scientific Advisor of UK International Trade on the Topic of Selling Products for Public Good. and to Host Sessions on Taking Startup @ B2G and also a Session on Entering New Geographies.

Its is said you get to learn Maximum when u are not the Smartest in the Room. All Innovators in the room where having Great Products and Ideas which would be game changer in future to come. to mention few are - Data Transfer Over Sound - Bio Absorbable Implants so to Re Surgery to Remove Rods After Fracture is Head - Lithium Slurry Battery, Future of Batteries with 94 Patents - Sea Corel Monitering and Reporting System - and many more Interesting Products and Innovations.

Thanks Royal Academy of Engineering, CIIE, Newton Fund and all Involved in selecting me and for the Opportunity extended Pitch and to Interact and Forge Business Relations with Co Innovators and Scientists from across 7 Nations.

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